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The first annual ART DECO FILM FESTIVAL runs continuously on both Saturday and Sunday. The event showcases classic movies from the 20's and 30's, and more modern films set during the art deco period. BIGGER and better than our previous film series standalone events, the festival offers a much wider variety of art deco themed programming AND its all on the big screen at the Newport Performing Arts Center.

The festival is a fun way to increase public awareness of the art deco design aesthetic and show the art deco influence on the popular culture. More than a style of design, art deco affected almost all aspects of life during this not so distant period in American history. This was the first time where movies and the medium of film served as a force in shaping the popular culture of the day.

Presented by the non profit City Center Newport Association, the festival is a fundraiser to benefit the ongoing effort to preserve and revitalize Newport's unique art deco heritage. The event will also feature educational displays, trivia and best dressed contests. The emcee for the event is Stephan, CCNA's Artistic Consultant and ADSC Artist in Residence.

Programs include a 'Serial Sampler,' a whole program of so-bad-they're-good cliff hanger serials that formed the core of the typical Saturday afternoon matinee, stand-alone screenings of silent and sound era full length features and the full 1930s movie palace experience.

The movie palace experience is all about entertainment value. In a time when entertainment dollars were scarce, people escaped to the movie palace. For the price of a single admission, they enjoyed an entire evening of entertainment where they could laugh, forget about the great depression for a moment, see the latest fashions, catch up on the news and glimpse exotic places and peoples far beyond their own front porch. Each evening featured a full program of cartoons, newsreels, shorts, serial cliff hanger, coming attractions PLUS the feature film.

While deco dress is admired not required, a big part of the fun is the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the era by dressing up in the style of the day. For help with your style, visit
ADS California reVamp Vintage

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The City Center Newport Assn. is registered with the Oregon Cultural Trust as a cultural non profit organization.


You can help support CCNA's mission of revitalizing Newport's unique Art Deco heritage by becoming a member today.

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