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The City Center Newport Association, Inc. is nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation comprised of retail merchants, service providers, professionals, property owners, artists and others interested in promoting the economic, aesthetic and cultural development of City Center Newport Oregon.

The City Center Newport Association provides:

1. Serving as a strong, collective voice for City Center on ordinances, city policies, member issues and economic development to keep City Center vital and profitable. 

2. Promotion and preservation of City Center as the Art Deco Heritage District.  We offer education, assistance and guidance to area business and property owners interested in preserving or upgrading their facade to be sensitive to the art deco heritage of the district.

3. Increasing public awareness about the Art Deco era, to promote the art, architecture, fashion, transportation, media and history of Art Deco popular culture.

4. A dedicated Board of Directors who consistently work to serve the members with meetings featuring relevant speakers, Business After Hours, educational seminar/workshops and more.


Frank Jo Maitland Geltner
Newport Crossroads Shops

Vice President
Zachary Poole
Pig N Pancake

Caroline Bauman
Lincoln Co. Economic Development Alliance

Bo Smith
West Coast Bank

Directors At Large

Ken Irwin
Associate Member

Michelle Harris
Newport Crossroads Shops


Copyright ©2007-2013 City center Newport

The City Center Newport Assn. is registered with the Oregon Cultural Trust as a cultural non profit organization.


You can help support CCNA's mission of revitalizing Newport's unique Art Deco heritage by becoming a member today.

Copyright © 2007-2013
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